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Crazy for Cinco de Mayo!

Wait – what happened to 2021!? The year is flying by, and we already have our sights set on a redemption round of Cinco de Mayo this year. We know many of you are still gathering at home or will be raising a margarita via Zoom. No matter how you fiesta, make sure it includes a few of our custom party products and for goodness’ sakes – a taco or two!


On the Rocks


What isn’t there to love about coming up with ideas for planning a Cinco de Mayo celebration? You get to bring out your favorite margarita recipes, whip up some tacos and gather with those you love most. Whether you’re in person or cheers-ing over the phone, stocking up on our Cinco de Mayo party cups is a go-to move. 


Our classic bestseller, these Otomi print Cinco de Mayo cups are perfect for your party. They’re the ideal cup for margaritas with their size, and the best part is they can be used far beyond your Cinco celebration! We love adding these to a Taco Tuesday spread or throwing in your carry-on for a vacation drink. If you’re looking for the custom option, shop here.


cinco de mayo party cups


If you prefer a disposable option, go with our custom Cinco de Mayo cups. You can personalize them if you’re celebrating more than Cinco de Mayo or order them as party favors for guests. Since these aren’t pre-printed, you can also select the exact number you want to order.


custom cups for mexican party


Speaking of foam cups – how cute are these disposable custom party cups!? This is considered our “designer” print and is a fun twist on the classic Otomi wrap. 


custom cinco de mayo cups


Ready to amp up your traditional margarita? We scoured the internet for a perfect Cinco de Mayo ranch water recipe, and found one from one of our favorite Insta accounts instead!


Meaghan Cody of Everyday Tables’ Ranch Water

2 oz Tequila

Topo Chico

Fresh Lime Juice

Combine on top of ice, sprinkle with Tajin Seasoning and enjoy!


Meaghan Cody specializes in helping curate incredible charcuterie boards for every occasion, so make sure to follow along with her @everydaytables or sign up for a fun virtual class online, 



This recipe pairs great with our classic Otomi cups – or you can go with a larger stadium style. Serve with a side of lime wedges and custom Cinco de Mayo cocktail stir sticks and you’ll be sure to see your cocktails on Instagram!

stadium cups for mexican party

If you’re running short on time day-of or simply prefer guests to BYOB, make sure to shop our custom slim can koozies – they are perfect for your hard seltzers or slim can beers.

cinco de mayo koozies

Our Go-To Fiesta Food


Serving up chips & guacamole? We sure hope so. These custom napkins for your Cinco de Mayo party are both fun and functional. Keep messes to a minimum while you stay festive for the occasion!


napkins for fiesta theme party


When it comes to putting together your taco table for Cinco de Mayo, you can always go traditional. We’re loving this family style recipe for fish tacos that’s both delicious and easy to create for a bigger crowd.


Family Style Fish Tacos


1 ½ lb piece white fish

3 tsp kosher salt, divided, plus more

2 jalapeños

⅓ cup vegetable oil

2 garlic cloves

1 large bunch cilantro

1 pint cherry tomatoes

¼ white onion

4 limes, divided

¼ head of green cabbage

1 avocado

24 corn tortillas or 12 flour tortillas

Hot sauce (for serving)


Place a rack in the center of your oven; preheat to 300º. Place 1 ½ lb piece white fish in a 13 x 9” baking dish. Season all over with 1 ½ tsp of salt.

Trim and discard the stems of 2 jalapeños, cut in half lengthwise, then coarsely chop. Coarsely chop three-quarters of 1 bunch of cilantro leaves with tender stems.

Transfer jalapeños and chopped cilantro to a blender or food processor. Add ⅓ cup vegetable oil and 2 garlic cloves. Blend on high speed until a coarse purée forms. Scoop out and transfer 2 tbsp sauce to a medium bowl (you’ll be building your pico de gallo in this). Pour remaining sauce evenly over fish, spreading with the back of a spoon.

Bake fish until it flakes away with light pressure from the tines of a fork in the thickest part, 18 – 25 minutes, depending on the thickness of fillet and what type of fish you’re using. Start checking on the early end of things so it doesn’t overcook!

While fish bakes, work on the rest of your toppings. Quarter 1 pint of cherry tomatoes and transfer to a bowl with reserved cilantro sauce. Peel ¼ white onion, then finely chop. Add to sauce and toss to combine. Cut 1 lime in half and squeeze the juice into bowl. Season with salt and toss to combine.

Shave off ¼ head of cabbage – thinly slice crosswise into shreds and transfer to a bowl. Cut another lime in half and squeeze juice into bowl; season with salt and toss with your hands to combine. 

Cut an avocado and use a large spoon to scoop out and cut into lengthwise wedges. Transfer to a large platter or board and season with salt. 


Arrange your cabbage, pico de gallo and remaining cilantro and lime wedges onto the platter as well.

Warm 24 corn tortillas or 12 flour tortillas one at a time over a burner set to medium heat until blackened around the edges in some spots, about 30 seconds per side. Keep tortillas wrapped in a stack in a clean kitchen towel to keep warm until serving.

Using a large spoon, gently flake apart fish into large irregular pieces and transfer to a plate. Serve fish alongside all the accoutrements and your favorite hot sauce for a DIY taco party.

Make sure to put out our personalized plastic plates for this fiesta food! Guests will love the build-your-own aspect of this party dish and will feel plenty festive with the added on taco night plates!


taco theme party decorations

Let’s Fiesta!


Cheers to this Cinco de Mayo being better than the last! We hope you fiesta with friends, family and those you hold near and dear. As always, we love to see how you celebrate with Two Funny Girls, so make sure to tag us on social media!