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About Us

Out of lemons comes lemonade. That cliche fits the beginning of Two Funny Girls better than any other.

A photo of Kristy (and her brother, Jay/Web site helper) displaying Sara's first embroidery job in the late 1970s. Sara monogrammed this jumper by hand with a needle, thread and a sharpie marker. Thank goodness for technology!

In the Spring of 2000, a funny girl named Kristy received word that her mom, who also happens to be quite funny, had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Five days after that diagnosis, Kristy's grandma died unexpectedly - if dying at 88 is ever unexpected. Grandma lived a full life and left a tidy little sum and funny Mom decided to purchase an embroidery sewing machine with a bit of that inheritance to celebrate her completion of chemo.

With that sewing machine Kristy and Sara - the daughter and mother who started Two Funny Girls - began personalizing clothes and other goodies. Kristy must be friends with every girl of a certain age in Texas and has been in all of their weddings and then attended their subsequent five million baby showers. She began hooking up her fertile friends with personalized gifts, stitched by her mom on that sewing machine. Of course, her friends loved the sweet stuff, but when Kristy's friends had personalization on everything that would sit still, Kristy and Sara decided to try out selling their wares. After selling out of merchandise at several Dallas-area craft shows, they took their talent to the web and now serve clients all over the country.  Thru the years they have added items like cups, koozies, clothing and shoes, but never forget the embroidery roots that started this creative outlet for them both.

The business ran seamlessly (see what we did there?) for over eighteen years. Sara's breast cancer did return and she passed away in November of 2018.  The business is now run by Kristy with the help of friends and family, including Sara's husband Jim, who serves as an occasional errand boy for Two Funny Girls. Sara would be so proud of how this corner of the internet has flourished despite her absence and Kristy takes comfort knowing we have a special eye above making sure all threads are pulled and sitiching is tight.

Kristy's dog, a sweet boxer mix named Clyde, wants Two Funny Girls to fail miserably. His walks are often neglected as his dog-mom spends too many nights and weekends in front of the computer or sewing machine. As a compromise, Two Funny Girls donates a portion of the proceeds to charitable organizations. Clyde approves.

Kristy is a proud graduate of Texas A&M University. If you think there is a inordinate amount of maroon samples on the site - you are right. Thanks for stopping by and Gig 'Em.