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Decorate Your Dorm With Two Funny Girls!

The start of a new school year is right around the corner! Whether that means moving into your first dorm or heading back for your second year of dorm life, Two Funny Girls has you covered. Making a dorm room feel like home comes down to three things: incorporating your favorite colors, getting your small space organized and adding touches of personalization! Your first year at college is a big deal – new school, new friends, new classes and sometimes even a new town or state! We know that new step can be overwhelming, so we want dorm decorating to be the most fun and easy part. A few key dorm room essentials are a good mattress pad (no thank you, twin size rock hard mattresses!), lots of storage for organization, a coffee machine (you’ll thank us later), and cute accessories to make it yours.

 Pre-Dorm Decoration Prep 

It’s super important to remember that if you are sharing a space with someone else, they may have different dorm decoration ideas. A few months or weeks beforehand, make sure you connect with your new roommate and get an idea of how you plan to style your space. This is a fun way to bond right from the start, if you choose to color coordinate or even get matching décor! Make sure you get on the same page with your new roomie before moving in. You can also consider starting off with a warm welcome gift, like our personalized stationary note cards. They look adorable on any desk or classroom and will come in handy for those long to-do lists that are sure to come! If you’re looking to treat yourself in the new space, opt for one of these adorable mugs from Therapy Boutique.


Custom Stationary Notepad
Custom Stationary Notepad, twofunnygirls.com
Cute Mug Dorm Gift
The Perfect Dorm Room Mug, shoptherapyauburn.com


A simple place to start on decorations is your walls. We recommend going with a paint safe wall adhesive so you can swap out your posters or photos throughout the year. Trust us – you don’t want to get stuck with those move-out day fees for wall chips! Print your favorite photos or download cute printable online. We love that it’s such a simple and inexpensive way to put a pop of color in your new space!


Choose a day to go shopping with your new roommate. It’ll be a great ice breaker if you are just getting to know each other, or a fun day out with a friend if you traveled to your new school together. Hit up classic stores like Target and HomeGoods, but also make sure to check and see if your school has any cute boutiques that often have dorm accessories around the campus. Your campus bookstore is also a great destination for school spirited throw blankets or desk accessories.


Maximize Space + Style

You never realize how much “stuff” you actually have until you are forced to condense it into.. wait.. HALF of an already small dorm room. Kudos to you if you scored a dorm room all on your own, but typically there will be a roommate who has just as much as you! Keep your favorite go-to items in one place with our personalized acrylic tray! We suggest storing keys, jewelry, or your student ID here for easy access. Even better? This catch-all tray is cute enough to double as an accessory on your desk.

Personalized Acrylic Jewelry Tray Dorm Room
Stash Your Stuff, twofunnygirls.com


Maximizing space is key when you’re in a smaller space. We love this comprehensive guide put together by Kacey Dixon + SBK Living! It’s all the tips and tricks you’ll need for making your vanity area not only adorable but also super functional. For a more dorm-specific take on organizing and decorating your new space, take these tips on dorm room essentials for 2019 from Sophia Lee.


Dorm Organization Ideas
Stay Organized in Style, sbkliving.com


Keep it Cute + Custom

You can never have too much personalization when trying to make your dorm room feel more like home. Plus, having your initials on things takes away the chance from someone else trying to make it theirs! Make your accent pillow pop with our personalized pillow. You can choose to monogram it with your own initials or even your hometown’s zip code. We have a huge variety of colors and styles to complement any other dorm décor you’ve already picked out!


Dorm Room Custom Pillow
Rep Your Hometown in Style! twofunnygirls.com


Who says communal bathrooms can’t be cute!? Okay… pretty much everyone. But that’s just because they don’t have Two Funny Girls to help them out. We love our personalized hand towel set. Not only do they add a cute and custom touch to your towels, it’ll also be easier to sort them out in those group laundry rooms. Upgrade the classic bathroom caddy and keep all your things in one place with our monogrammed toiletry kit. This travel-friendly bag is perfect for staying organized at school as well as for those weekend trips home.


Monogram Towels for Dorm Room
Don’t Want to Lose it? Monogram it. twofunnygirls.com


Monogram Toiletry Bag
For all Your Essentials, twofunnygirls.com


 How to be the Hostess with the Mostest

Once your space is fully decorated, you’ll want to make sure you have some easy tricks for keeping it clean. Knocking out two challenges at once, a cute area rug in your dorm will not only cover up any discolored built-in carpets or tile, but also make it a cinch for easy cleanup. Invest in a handheld vacuum and set aside one hour per week dedicated to keeping your dorm-room dust free.


With such a cute and custom space, you’ll definitely want to be the host for game day pre-parties or when everyone is getting ready to hit the town at night. Go the extra mile and show your school spirit with our college campus skyline Styrofoam cups. They’re all hand drawn to show the skyline of your college’s signature buildings and are the perfect accessory to any game day look! It doesn’t hurt that they look adorable sitting in a bar cart, either. Buy some to keep on hand for your own get-together or bring a few as the guest.


Auburn Tailgate Cups
Choose Your School and Tailgate in Style, twofunnygirls.com



 Go-To Dorm Gifting Guide

Are you the parent of a college student and just looking to make their experience a little more like home? No worries – we have just the thing! Put together a custom care package that is sure to put a smile on your student’s face. Of course, fill it up with their favorite snacks, magazines and microwavable meals. For a more personalized package, include one of our clear stadium bags with their monogram – perfect for their first game day! 


Whether you’re one moving in or just the one helping on the move, we have everything you need for an easy transition to dorm life. Don’t let a smaller space fool you – it’s easy to deck your dorm room with adorable accessories and organization that’s just as fashionable as it is functional. A monogram on towels or a throw pillow is the cherry on top!


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