Personalized Wedding Favor Koozie

Personalized  koozies are all the rage at wedding receptions. These events can’t serve beverages in a just a can or bottle – it needs to be wrapped in a cute custom koozie!  We L-O-V-E working with brides or event planners to design and create a custom party favor koozies.

Zig Zag Wedding Favor Koozie
Zig Zag  Koozie

Where to Start?

We have so much fun in making these. We really start with a blank slate and adorn these cute koozies with your custom logo, a cute hashtag or phrase that describes  your event.

These cute collapsible monogrammed beverage insulators have the cute patterns and colors on the entire koozie with a place for text (it can be different!) on either side. Our personalized koozies fit 12 oz cans, long-neck bottles, 16 oz. water bottles and collapse flat for easy traveling. Polyester fabric on the outside side stitched with a rubber insulator underneath to keep any drink cool for a bit.

Seriously, koozies don’t get any cuter than these and we have so many patterns to choose from. Our two most popular patterns for gift koozies are:

Anchor Print Wedding Favor Koozie
Anchor Print Koozie

Anchor:  This print is so popular for a beach event.  These custom koozies in a traditional navy blue are oh so preppy and chic.  These are the perfect compliment to an outdoor wedding and a subtle way to carry on with your beachy or nautical theme.


Moroccan Personalized Wedding Favor Koozie
Moroccan  Koozie

Moroccan:  Most of the party favor koozies we sell are this timeless print.  The Moroccan favor koozie comes in two varieties: solid and reverse, but we sell more of the solid.  As the photo shows, there is nothing cuter at an outdoor event than these personalized koozies placed on a chair with a water bottle – how thoughtful!

We have so many more patterns for custom  wedding koozies on the site. Take a look around and let’s start creating the perfect koozie for you!