Tailgating 101 With TAILGREETER!

Tailgating 101 With TAILGREETER!

Tailgating 101: Two Funny Girls x TAILGREETER

Football season, and therefore, tailgating is officially among us! Gear up in your team’s colors and get ready to cheer. We may be biased, but when we think football we always think tailgates! There’s truly nothing better than gathering all your friends and family in one place, cooking up some of your favorite football season recipes and supporting your favorite team (or having some friendly competition with a rivalry game). While watching the game in the comfort of your home is always fun, nothing beats being there in person. You can experience the electric atmosphere and all your favorite recipes with TAILGREETER! TAILGREETER gives you access to tailgates of all your favorite teams all over the country. Whether you’re hosting a tailgate or just a guest, we have all the tips and tricks you need to make the most of this year’s football season. TAILGREETER takes the guesswork out of planning and executing an awesome tailgate – all you have to do is show up!


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TAILGREETER: a New Way to Tailgate

If you’re new to the concept of TAILGREETER, let us fill you in! This one-stop-shop for attending and hosting tailgates brings together fans of meeting new people, day-drinking, eating great food and partaking in some good old-fashioned competitive lawn games! TAILGREETER takes the guess work out of planning and executing an awesome tailgate, instead all you have to do is show up! But of courseā€¦ no one wants to show up empty-handed. That’s where Two Funny Girls comes in! With all the customizable gameday gear you’ll need, Two Funny Girls is here to supply everything from team-specific party cups to stadium approved bags. Together, TAILGREETER and Two Funny Girls will make sure your gameday will be one to remember! Are you ready to JOIN THE PARTY!?


Get the Most Out of Being the Host!


If you’re a dedicated fan that plans your weekends around gamedays and finds it simply unacceptable to watch the game from anywhere other than the sidelines, the hosting life is definitely for you! Set yourself up for a stress-free gameday with customized party products that can be used time and time again! Typically, you’ll be day-drinking in the sunshine, so a cold drink is always a necessity! Start off this season with a personalized beer bottle cooler in your team’s colors or spirit phrase. If you prefer a cocktail, we love this recipe from Everyday Party Magazine.

Custom Koozie Tailgate
Custom Beer Cooler, twofunnygirls.com


Bourbon Cherry Cola

What you’ll need:

Cherries – 1 Cup Pitted, plus extra for garnish

Lemon Juice – 1 Tablespoon

Sugar – 1 Cup

Coca Cola – 1 Can

Water – 1 Cup

Bourbon – 1 Jigger

Bourbon Cherry Cola, everydaypartymagazine.com



On gameday:

Combine cherries, lemon juice, water and sugar in heavy sauce pot and cook over medium-high heat, bringing to a rolling boil.


Lower temperature to medium heat and allow to simmer for around 10 minutes.


Remove from heat and allow to cool completely.

Strain cherry syrup through cheese cloth and into a glass jar. Refrigerate!


Mix one tablespoon of the syrup with Coca Cola and your choice of bourbon over crushed ice. Garnish with a fresh cherry and enjoy!

Load up a pitcher of this cocktail along with your favorite tailgating snacks in a custom insulated cooler bag to keep your gameday fuel cool! Trust us, no one will be complaining about your hosting skills as long as you keep the drinks flowing!


Interested in becoming a tailgating host? Sign up with TAILGREETER here and invite others to join in on your football fun!



How to Be the Best Gameday Guest!


Let’s admit it – the hosting life isn’t for everyone! If you prefer to drop-in on the fun or travel to visit different games in new locations, then being the ultimate party guest is the way to go. The best part? TAILGREETER makes it just as fun to join in on tailgates as it would be to host your own!

Find Your Tailgate: search for the tailgate you’d love to be a part of (start here with TAILGREETER) – you can get as specific as the amount of time it’ll take you to walk from the tailgate to the stadium!


RSVP: sign up and reserve your spot for the pre-game festivities!


Prep for Gameday: get gameday ready so you don’t show up empty handed!


Become a Tailgate Host This Season, tailgreeter.com


The last thing you want to do as the tailgate guest is bring something the host will have to haul back home. We love disposable party products that are equally fun and functional. You can’t go wrong with custom printed tailgate plates. Personalizing with your team’s colors or a fun saying go the extra mile. Pair these plates with a simple recipe that is sure to be a crowd pleaser – we recommend this 3 ingredient chip dip from Totally Tailgates! It’s easy to whip up day-of and can be made in larger portions.


Easy as one, two, three!


One: chive & onion blend cream cheese

Two: sour cream

Three: Ranch dressing mix


Mix together in a large bowl and you’re ready to go! Make sure to bring enough to feed a crowd, and include a variety of chips to go with your dip.


Tailgate Dip Recipe
Three Ingredient Chip Dip, totallytailgates.com

College? NFL? We’ve Got It All!

If you’re attending a college football game (don’t worry – TAILGREETER can find you a tailgate to visit for both college and NFL!), stock up on some college skyline cups. They are an affordable and fun way to show school spirit, and there’s over 20 schools available! Bonus – college skyline cups are customizable! Your tailgate host will be excited to see you – and even more when they see what you bring! If you choose to personalize your party products, we suggest placing your order with plenty of time to spare before the event.

Custom Tailgate Cups
College Skyline Cups, twofunnygirls.com


Don’t miss out on any of the tailgating fun this football season. Whether you choose to be a host or a guest, you can always count on Two Funny Girls and TAILGREETER to make sure you’re gameday ready. For more information on TAILGREETER, or to sign up and JOIN THE PARTY, visit www.tailgreeter.com. Shop gameday essentials at www.twofunnygirls.com


Happy Tailgating!



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