Custom Tailgate Supplies

Ahh, fall –  when the temps finally cool down and football season is here; which means is time for a tailgate and custom cups for said tailgate!  We here at Two Funny Girls love a good tailgate. Have you seen our Pinterest board on tailgating? There are lots of fun nuggets in there.

A common theme across most football tailgates is drinking.  And what is a better way than to drink out of custom cups for a tailgate?  We are slightly (!) partial to the color maroon here, but know we can print tailgate cups in other colors.  It is so fun to design these cups and help personalize your gathering in the cutest way possible, while still being macho. Here are some samples we have done.

Most personalized cups can ship within 5-6 business days, but we can also take rush orders, just let us know when it is kickoff time.

The fun doesn’t stop with just custom tailgate cups. We also know you need bags to get your tailgate gear to and fro, so we have these great over sized tote bags that are perfect in getting to your set up spot.  Honestly, of the 2 dozen monogram bags I own this size is my go to for so many things. It folds up nicely and can hold so much.  Mine is black, but I so want one of the striped ones!

Shockingly, other websites have tailgate supplies as well. While they are not personalized, we think a few of these things are nifty.

Talk about practical! This plastic party tray fits right over your drink, so you can hold everything in one hand. When you set your beer down for a food run, you can lose track of it. Don’t abandon your bottle, can, or cup when you can simply place one of the Go Plates on top of it! Genius.


Did you know Southern Living has a whole cookbook on Tailgating Recipes?  Of course they do! The Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook shares ideas, recipes, and tips in the Southern Living The Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook. Like politics and religion, we try not to discuss our favorite teams at the dinner table, but the tailgate is where we all come together  If you love to tailgate as much as we do, you must have this book.

We have a whole bunch more on the site in our Tailgate Supplies 101 guide we have napkins, koozies, more cups, flasks, scarves in game day colors and pretty much anything you need to keep you personalized while tailgating outside. GO TEAM!



Monogram Clutch Purse and Southern Living

One of our biggest sellers on the site is our monogram clutch purse.  We have been selling this timeless purse with classic monograms for years and it is always a customer favorite.  So much so, that Southern Living reviewed the Two Funny Girls monogrammed purse on their Daily South Blog. This clutch is so perfect for a quick night out or a trip out of town when you don’t need to to carry not much more than your cell phone, some credit cards, lipstick and some cash.  This purse will hold more, but really, do we need to take the whole purse with us on a night out?

Customers always ask, “what is the most popular color?” The answer is brown!   Our brown monogram clutch purse is our numero uno seller with a brown monogram.  The other colors behind brown are turquoise, creme and green.  What is my favorite?  Probably turquoise.  It adds a great pop of color to any outfit across all the seasons.  I love a pop of color in an outfit and if Southern Living gives it the thumbs up, you know it is okay to wear all over the south.

These are a very popular personalized bridesmaid gift.  And several times brides have gotten a white or creme purse to carry as she is leaving the reception. Could anything be more adorable?  We love these monogram clutch purses!

Personalized Wedding Favor Koozie

Personalized  koozies are all the rage at wedding receptions. These events can’t serve beverages in a just a can or bottle – it needs to be wrapped in a cute custom koozie!  We L-O-V-E working with brides or event planners to design and create a custom party favor koozies.

Zig Zag Wedding Favor Koozie
Zig Zag  Koozie

Where to Start?

We have so much fun in making these. We really start with a blank slate and adorn these cute koozies with your custom logo, a cute hashtag or phrase that describes  your event.

These cute collapsible monogrammed beverage insulators have the cute patterns and colors on the entire koozie with a place for text (it can be different!) on either side. Our personalized koozies fit 12 oz cans, long-neck bottles, 16 oz. water bottles and collapse flat for easy traveling. Polyester fabric on the outside side stitched with a rubber insulator underneath to keep any drink cool for a bit.

Seriously, koozies don’t get any cuter than these and we have so many patterns to choose from. Our two most popular patterns for gift koozies are:

Anchor Print Wedding Favor Koozie
Anchor Print Koozie

Anchor:  This print is so popular for a beach event.  These custom koozies in a traditional navy blue are oh so preppy and chic.  These are the perfect compliment to an outdoor wedding and a subtle way to carry on with your beachy or nautical theme.


Moroccan Personalized Wedding Favor Koozie
Moroccan  Koozie

Moroccan:  Most of the party favor koozies we sell are this timeless print.  The Moroccan favor koozie comes in two varieties: solid and reverse, but we sell more of the solid.  As the photo shows, there is nothing cuter at an outdoor event than these personalized koozies placed on a chair with a water bottle – how thoughtful!

We have so many more patterns for custom  wedding koozies on the site. Take a look around and let’s start creating the perfect koozie for you!

Monogram Beach Bag on The TODAY Show

Our Mint Ikat beach bag was on the Look for Less on TODAY
Our Mint Ikat beach bag was on the Look for Less on TODAY

Umm.. What?  That was the text I sent back to our PR manager when she texted me and said one of our monogram beach bags was selected to The TODAY Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda. Two Funny Girls and our love for monograms is going to be on national TV! Weee.

So the first week we got bumped, but that is how it goes in the news biz from time to time.  But a short (seemed long) week later, a monogram mint ikat beach bag from Two Funny Girls was on on the TODAY show in a segment with Lilliana Vasquez and her Look for Less segment.

Do you like how we type the TODAY show name in all caps?  # branding.

Seriously, this was huge for our little business that started so many years ago.  We have organically grown into what we are today and are so excited to now be able to say, “as seen on The TODAY Show, with Hoda and Kathie Lee.”

This bag is the hit of the summer.  It is over-sized. It is big. It is huge. This monogram beach bag can hold up to 6 towels (photo on the site) and is made of the best polyester that can repel water.  Measuring 19.5″ L x 7.5″ W x 15.5″ H, this roomy bag is great to hold all your sun essentials such as beach towel, sunscreen, magazines and more! Features an inside zipper pouch (7.5″ x 5.5) plus a very roomy outside zipper pocket (12.5×10.5) each are the perfect home for your keys and phone in order to find them quickly without digging to the bottom of the bag.

Are you dying? We almost died! See the segment for yourself here!

Knock, Knock Oprah.. you are next on our bucket list of mentions. No pressure.  Really.

Personalized Styrofoam Cups

Our favorite way to personalize a party or hostess present is this personalized styrofoam cups.  We have so much fun making custom designs for the cups and also seeing what our clever customers create for gifts or celebratory occasions.  Over the years we have made so many templates for personalized Styrofoam cups and wanted to share a few with our blog readers.

These Chevron wrap cups are probably our most popular wrap pattern. Personalized Styrofoam Cups with Chevron WrapWe have designer wrap patterns like lattice wrapped styrofoam cups, square wrapped styrofoam cups, diamond  wrapped styrofoam cups and Greek key wrapped personalized styrofoam cups.
By far, the most popular size of personalized styrofoam cup we sell are 16oz.  It is the perfect size to hold ice and a can of coke (we are southern, all soda is coke) and have room to slosh around.  We also have a “what size personalized cup should I get?” guide on the site that suggests a size based on what you are serving.  You can also get lids that fit each size cup.  Most people get half the lids to the personalized cups they are ordering.  Just another FYI.

We have almost 12 pages of font choices adorn on these cute cups, but each page has a listing to show the most popular fonts we print onto these custom cups. We print as big as we can in the print space available, but if you are unsure, we also offer a proof process, where you can see an electronic proof of your text on a cup.  Once a proof is approved, or an order with no proof is placed, we can ship them in 6ish business days.  Most of these orders go Fed Ex ground, but if you are in a hurry, we can rush print and rush ship the order, for a nominal fee – of course!