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Styrofoam Cups with Wave Wrap {Swimming Pool}

Styrofoam Cups with Wave Wrap {Swimming Pool}
Personalized Styrofoam Pool Cups Personalized Styrofoam Cup for Hostess Gift
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Personalized Styrofoam Pool Cups Personalized Styrofoam Cup for Hostess Gift
These personalized foam cups are the perfect personalized hostess gift for our number one seller when it comes to personalized cups - and how cute to adorn these cups with a wave print wrap and some pool toys? 

These cute 14, 16 or 20 ounce personalized foam cups with water-like wraps are a great way to celebrate your event, vacation or they make a perfect gift after visiting a lake house house, too. The following pricing is offered for our personalized styrofoam cups with wave wrap with one or two-color ink printing:

  14 oz  16 oz 20 oz
  One Color Two Color*
One Color Two  Color*

One Color

Two Color*
25 $41 $78 $41 $78 $42 $79
50 $48 $88 $48 $88 $50 $90
100 $66 $116 $66 $117 $70 $120
150 $80 $137 $80 $138 $87 $143
200 $94 $157 $94 $159 $103 $166
250 $109 $178 $109 $181 $120 $189
500 $180 $283 $180 $287 $202 $305

* we reserve a margin of error of 1/16" for the placement of the second color.  We designed these cups so this margin of error, if utilized, would be as unnoticable as possible,

Our standard production time is 6-7 business days plus ground shipping from Dallas. Click here to see ground shipping estimates to your location. Rush orders and expedited shipping are available. Contact us for details and associated fees.

Cup Size

Note the size of the cup is what each cup will hold to capacity. Not sure what size to get?  Use our cup size suggestion guide based on what will be served in the cups.


Font or Layout Number

We have pages of fonts to choose from. Look at the links below or choose from our top 10.

or you can

View All Font Options  | View Monograms and Other Layouts
Please enter the font name or monogram style below. 

Entire Cup Ink Color OR Ink for Water & Text

The corresponding PANTONE colors are next to each color name. Always consult PANTONE Publications to visually evaluate any result before printing as colors shown on this site are computer simulation.

Secondary Ink Color (if applicable)

If you are choosing a second ink color, this choice will be the color of the frame, boat, rope and inner tube.


Tell us exactly what you want printed on the item Note: "The McFaddins" is the correct to print a plural last name, not The McFaddin's (with an apostrophe). When a family name ends in s, x, ch, sh, or z, a -es, is added as in the Marches, the Joneses, the Maddoxes, the Bushes, the Rodriguezes. Names will be printed as typed, so capitalize accordingly.

If you are doing a monogram, send the letters in order as they should be printed. M-44 would be aCb. M-29 would be ABC.

Add Lids
Proof Requested

Generating a proof will add days to your production time, as it takes 3-5 business days to generate a proof. The standard 6-7 day production time does not start until the proof approval is received. Rush orders (needed to ship in 5 business days or less) are not eligible for proofs.

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